Our elite team of Executive Protection agents is available 7 days a week.   Composed of highly trained and decorated veterans, we know how to serve and provide protection.   We have been doing it our whole lives.

The needs of our clients are paramount, and in response we utilize men, women, and professionals from undercover and gang detail backgrounds.  We can blend in or stand out.

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What makes Nolan Enterprises different than other Executive Protection companies?

Many Executive Protection providers use unarmed civilians who are unqualified to offer true Executive Protection.  The owners of Nolan Enterprises serviced as members of law enforcement and the military.  Service is in their blood.  Facing real life-or-death situations has given us a unique vantage point.  When lives are on the line, who better to trust than those that have already given their lives to service?   Nolan Enterprises proudly uses active and former law enforcement and service members exclusively for its Executive Protection team.   Our clients receive the benefit of trained law enforcement professionals.

What is the difference between armed and unarmed protection?

Armed protection is used to carry out high-risk assignments and protect high-profile individuals.   For low-risk assignments, unarmed Executive Protection agents can be used.  Even unarmed, our Executive Protection Professionals are formidable.

Is it legal for a bodyguard to carry a gun?

Under California law, carrying a concealed weapon requires special licensure, a CCW (Carry a Concealed Weapon) license.  In Los Angeles County, to obtain a CCW, you must complete a training course, undergo psychological testing, register the exact make, model, caliber, and serial number of the weapons you plan on carrying, show cause, meet the minimum requirements, and be of good moral character.  In many instances, because Peace Officers are already experienced at carrying and exercising good judgment, they make ideal Executive Protection agents.