Executive Protection professionals are trained and licensed to perform armed personal protection services.  Sometimes called Bodyguards or close protection, Nolan Enterprises can provide expert guidance during a crisis and help prevent one.

The Nolan EP team consists of over thirty current or retired Peace Officers.  This includes:

Several team members are trained in counter-terrorism, threat assessment, Emergency First Aid, evasive driving, evacuation, crowd control, surveillance identification, and other critical skills.

Contact us for immediate deployment of our Executive protection team members.


Our primary objective is to create and maintain a safe home and work life for our clients.  This often includes residential security and if necessary, can be performed 24 hours a day.  Family members can be trained on travel security and situational awareness.


Nolan Enterprises has a wealth of experience assisting with live sports events, celebrity events, concerts, and escort high-profile clients anywhere they desire.   Whether it’s a one-off event, an annual affair, business travel to an unstable region or a last minute vacation whim, we provide security and help minimize vulnerabilities.