Nolan Enterprises offers private personal security services in uniform, or in plainclothes.  Plainclothes just means “street clothes” – or whatever would fit the venue.  For public events, plainclothes may mean jeans and a t-shirt, or for formal events, plainclothes may mean wearing a tuxedo or formal gown.   The goal of plainclothes is to blend in and create a low profile.

The presence of uniformed, armed professionals may frighten guests and ruin the vibe.   Plainclothes Executive Protection means the same level of protection, just more blended with your guests.

Alternatively, there are cases where you may want to send a message that Executive Protection is present.  A uniform certainly sends that message.  For the safety of all guests, management may utilize uniformed Executive Protection as a deterrent.

We serve:

  • Conventions/Live events
  • Corporate clients
  • Hospitals/Medical
  • Places of Worship
  • Private events

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Should I use plainclothes security or uniformed security?

It depends on several factors:

Are your guests more comfortable with security professionals in uniform, or dressed casually?

Are you in a formal environment?

Are you in public?

Is there a high threat potential?

Do you have high-profile guests?  What would make them most comfortable?