Nolan Enterprises takes physical and remote security seriously.   Our escorts are armed and possess the credentials and experience to best protect executives, visiting dignitaries, VIP’s, and other high-profile clients.  We provide constant side by side escort at all times and are required to check in regularly with stakeholders.

Enhance the safety of your employees and guests with security escort services.

For live events, escort services give guests peace of mind and create a unique blend of services: access control, armed safety, and customer service.

What is a security escort?

An escort assists in the safe transport of VIP’s, whether on foot, by vehicle, or on long-term assignments.

A security escort monitors and escorts guests into restricted areas during live events, and on longer assignments, provide 24/7 Executive Protection.

Our security escorts provide the following services:

  • Aviation security
  • Directing Traffic
  • Escorting guests to and from vehicles & other conveyances
  • Estate security
  • Inspecting deliveries and materials
  • Inspecting incoming personnel and vehicles
  • Maintaining a secure & comfortable ambience for guests
  • Monitor and restrict access to VIP’s at all times
  • Moving gun safes and other sensitive private property
  • Provide professional and friendly security presence
  • Respond to requests from guests
  • Provide armed plainclothes Executive Protection
  • Short-term guard duties/transporting valuables

How do I hire a security escort for travel abroad?

For business travel and vacation, Nolan Enterprises has the support you need to safely plan your trip.

We start by reviewing the itinerary, to assist in choose the safest and most comfortable accommodations.   Next we coordinate with local law enforcement to ensure our presence is known.  For unstable regions, we utilize our own pilots, and provide seamless protection at all times.

Waiting until you are abroad may severely limit your options for hiring professional, qualified Executive Protection agents.  Nolan Enterprises believes proactive planning minimizes the need for reactive services later.

Contact us to learn more about our security escort service packages.