The trained security professionals at Nolan Enterprises help our clients identify vulnerabilities, improve safety & morale, and implement continuous site security.  We perform a site survey to identify the need for camera system installation or upgrades, inspect the quality and state of existing systems, and update lighting, cabling, DVR’s, mount points, uninterrupted power supplies, data backup policies, and other points of concern.

  • ATM machines
  • Cash box storage
  • Cashier areas
  • Delivery areas
  • Emergency exits
  • Entrances & Exits
  • Guard shacks
  • Hallways
  • High-crime areas
  • IT / Data equipment protection & backup
  • Loading docks
  • Man traps
  • Parking lots
  • Pedestrian & automobile gates
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Remote areas
  • Stairwells
  • Waiting areas
  • Windows

Our team is experienced at identifying and assessing accidents, access control measures, threats, points of ingress & egress, lighting.   If it concerns the safety and security of our clients, you will see it in our Stakeholder report.

Contact us to receive a quote for a site survey (based on the square footage of your facilities).

What is a site survey?

A site survey is the act of a trained professional taking a physical walkthrough and applying specialized tools and equipment to calculate the required lighting, access control, and security measures, as well as review the existing lighting, access control, and security measures.

 What kind of organizations can benefit from a site survey? 

  • Churches & Places of Worship
  • Corporate Parks
  • Event parking/temporary site
  • Malls
  • Parking lots
  • Private residences & estates

How can we stop cars from being broken into in our parking lot? 

In many cases, inadequate lighting, low or absent physical patrol, and a lack of deterrents such as CCTV systems will create “the perfect opportunity” for thieves to break into vehicles.  A site survey can identify areas of vulnerability and assist clients in making the necessary upgrades to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for your guests.