Nolan Enterprises has a wealth of experience conducting corporate investigations and due diligence internal investigations at the direction of Human Resources management and their counsel.

Background Checks

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, employers are limited in the hiring process to find criminal convictions within the past seven years.  In addition, arrests that did not result in a conviction are not allowed to be reported for pre-employment checks.  However, for workplace investigations, employers are allowed to go back farther than seven years and find records previously unreportable.  As long as searches are not performed that require a signed authorization form (such as credit history, workers compensation history, employment verification, or education history), it is lawful to perform an investigation without the employees knowledge or consent.

Due Diligence

From basic background checks to detailed credential verification, we can help you identify risk, vet partners for mergers and acquisitions, and protect the business.  We offer asset searches, verification services, and a host of specific searches depending on your needs.

Employee Disputes

Nolan Enterprises can recover property from employees during suspension or separations and provide a chain of custody and a buffer between management and the employee. For hostile terminations, our Executive Protection Division can provide assistance.

Workplace Investigations

Our team is experienced at performing investigative interviews and recovering stolen property from employees.   Once the employee(s) has documented their fraud/theft, we immediately recover all stolen company property from.  If necessary, we liaison we local Law Enforcement and provide evidence to assist with criminal conviction and/or civil litigation.

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Is it legal for my employer to do a background check on me?

Yes, it is lawful, provided they adhere to federal and state laws regarding the type of information they obtain.  For example, certain information such as a credit report or education verification require a specific per-use signed release from your employee. Obviously, requested a signed release would not work, as it would tip off the employee!


Federal Law 15 U.S.C § 1681 – Fair Credit Reporting Act

FCRA Investigations –  Using Consumer Reports: What Employers Need to Know