Nolan Enterprises has the experience to provide investigative litigation support services.  Our experienced corporate investigators can perform investigations in fraud, theft, employee misconduct, and obtain written statements that document bribery, embezzlement, conflicts of interest, and other crimes against the business.

We gather the details that allow your team to make informed decisions, all under the protection of the Attorney Work Product doctrine.  In cases involving potential liability, our investigators can obtain sworn statements from claimants and witnesses.  In many cases, we are tasked with locating a key witness whose whereabouts are unknown, or tracking down a beneficiary for a contentious probate matter.

Mere access to public records databases will not necessarily identify all records of relevance to your case.  We know the weaknesses and limitations of the data providers and how to independently verify information to ensure authenticity.   We use records and interviews to uncover hidden relationships, determine if a business actually operates or is just a shell, and construct narratives based on data timelines.

When necessary, we bring in investigators from our Surveillance Unit to track down Persons of Interest and monitor behavior.

And most importantly – we are used to deadlines and rush requests.  It comes with the territory.

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What is Attorney Work Product?

The attorney work product doctrine states that an adverse party generally may not discover or compel disclosure of written or oral materials prepared by or for an attorney in the course of legal representation, especially in preparation for litigation.

In practical terms, the other side may not access materials that are deemed to be Attorney Work Product.  At Nolan Enterprises, we are well-versed at techniques that protect our work and our clients.

How is Attorney Work Product different than Attorney-Client privilege?

The work-product doctrine is more inclusive than attorney–client privilege. Attorney–client privilege is limited to communications between an attorney and the client.  Attorney Work Product includes all materials prepared by persons other than the attorney him/herself, including a private investigator.


Cornell Law – Attorney Work Product Doctrine