Churches and Places of Worship may be eligible for grants to aid in security hardening.

Qualifications and details on the program:

Your Church will need to help submit a grant proposal to FEMA.

The church will need to provide a grant and financial and supporting documentation, including:


  1. Their IRS 501(3)(c) letter of tax exemption determination.
  2. Annual report and operating budget.
  3. A list of those who serve on their board of directors or board of trustees as well as contact information for everyone.
  4. Their most recent Form 990 and financial statement.
  5. A list of donors supporting the house of worship as well as their names, addresses, donation amounts and dates.
  6. A list of personnel, staff positions, work duties, qualifications, numbers of hours worked and programs.
  7. Letters of support from community leaders and politicians.


The most successful applications will document a plan that identifies and addresses security risks at the house of worship and shows how they will implement that plan to harden security.

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