Nolan Enterprises can install and configure your security camera system.  We start with an assessment and can scale the system based on client needs and budget.  Capture continuous, high-definition video with the newest generation of DVRs, and protect your assets.  As part of your access control measures, camera systems are effective at identifying threats, viewing resources, and limiting entry.

  • Access control
  • Burglar alarms
  • Card readers
  • Intercoms
  • Locksmith / rekeying
  • Parking lot lighting/security lighting
  • Security cameras
  • Security gates
  • Site surveys

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What should I look for in a security system?

Scalability – the ability to grow with the needs of your organization

Ease of use – end-users must benefit from the system and know how to use it

Frame Rate and Video quality – grainy footage that cannot be used to identify threats are inadequate and outdated.  Thanks to modern technology, cameras are networked and high-quality footage can be captured and streamed.

What is the value of a camera system for my business?

Camera systems have been proven to protect assets, clients, employees, and guests.  When paired with intercoms, alarm systems, keypads, and other security measures, they add a layer of security and serve as a deterrent.