Nolan Enterprises offers professional camera & security system installation.  Depending on your needs, you can view a live stream, or use a DVR system for continuous recording.  Our security solutions are trusted by businesses, academic institutions, and private customers.  We offer professional recording technology for unmatched protection.

Highly customizable systems, hardware, installation, and service.

  • Door & window sensors
  • Doorbell Cams
  • Fire detection
  • Flood detection
  • Interior and exterior monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Motion detection
  • On-demand monitoring services
  • Remote access
  • Remote disarm
  • Remote viewing

We serve commercial facilities, private homes and estates, and offer a range of remote facility monitoring options.  Our systems offer continuous video recording 24/7.  Protect your business and give your employees & guests peace of mind.  Contact us to learn more about our camera & security system offerings.

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What are the best cameras for a security system?

There are many cameras and mounting options, depending on your needs.  Traditional ‘box’ cameras rely on hardwiring and are permanently mounted.  Modular cameras can be covertly placed and monitored remotely.   The panoramic ‘eye in the sky’ cameras often used in casinos and public venues give great vantages.  For blind spots and asset protection, we recommend the use of positioning cameras to cover every angle.  For industrial applications, there are even cameras that can withstand deadly hazards.

Do I need a DVR?

For evidentiary purposes, it is always wise to capture and save footage.  Systems that stream live footage are of no use after an incident.  We recommend 4TB or 6TB SATA drives for high-definition video capture.


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