For clients operating large, remote manufacturing facilities, employee drug abuse represents a safety concern for the entire workforce and creates the potential for liability.  Nolan Enterprises is familiar with corporate concerns for maintaining a drug-free workplace and prioritizing employee safety.

In California, where medical marijuana is legal, it is common for laborers to go to the parking lot on break and get high with co-workers.   If you wish to learn about employee lunchtime activities on company property, we offer several surveillance solutions to meet your objectives.

  • Activity Checks
  • Walkthroughs
  • Monitoring

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Why is it a big deal for employees to smoke marijuana on their break?

Because it poses a safety concern, period.  Employees operating or in proximity to heavy machinery and moving vehicles need their full faculties and must pay attention to work safely.  Adding drugs into the mix leads to accidents, invites a criminal element, and leads to bigger problems.   Business owners have a responsibility to maintain a safe workplace for all employees and visitors.  Under the broken window theory, that allowing workplace drug abuse sends the message that the Company is lax in enforcing its policies, which encourages further crime and policy violations, eventually leading to theft and violence.

Is it legal to do surveillance on employees?

If the employees are on company property, such as the employee parking lot, it is lawful for the employer to conduct surveillance in furtherance of protecting its assets.  However, there are some caveats.  Surveillance cannot be performed in places where an employee would have an expectation of privacy, such as a restroom or locker room.   The use of telescopic lenses is also prohibited.   Lastly, California is a two-party consent state with respect to audio recording of conversations.   To avoid violating California law, our team of seasoned surveillance investigators use cameras which do not record audio.

What are the benefits of surveillance over security guards?

Covert surveillance can “get the shot” that security guards cannot.  Uniformed guards in marked patrol cars are easy to identify and lookouts are able to warn co-workers to clear out before security arrives on the scene.   Nolan Enterprises uses lawful and effective techniques to get video evidence that helps you enforce your policies and remove the bad apples from the bunch.