The Security experts Nolan Enterprises are familiar with Loss Prevention in retail and office environments.  Protect your facility, your assets, and your intellectual property.   Our security systems prevent and deter theft by customers and employees.   Loss Prevention is a critical security measure for retail businesses – profit literally walks out the door!

Nolan Enterprises installs HD video surveillance systems capable of capturing video footage at 720p or 1080p resolution.   We not recommend the use of inexpensive, low-resolution cameras.  Although they save money at the front end, the footage is not useful for positively identifying a person.   Low-res, grainy footage even has difficulty capturing license plate numbers when installed in parking areas!  To make sure your footage can aid in prosecution, make sure your system captures footage in high definition.

We also offer hidden cameras for blind spots and areas where shoplifters and employees may stage items for later theft.  We take asset protection & recovery seriously and can help you deploy covert cameras to enhance your existing camera system.

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Is it legal for retail stores to use covert cameras?

Covert surveillance cameras such as hidden cameras can be used lawfully to prevent theft of retail items.  The use of covert cameras are still subject to the same privacy laws as traditional security cameras.   For example, in California, the cameras:

  1. Cannot audio record
  2. Cannot be placed in a fitting room or restroom, or any area with an expectation of privacy

As long as the cameras do not violate any privacy laws, it is lawful to use such cameras to detect and prevent theft by customers and employees.

Is it legal to record someone’s voice in California?

Not without their permission.  Unlike the federal law which only requires one party to consent to the recording, California requires consent from the other party.


Federal Wiretapping law

California Wiretapping law