Nolan Enterprises recognizes that surveillance can be an expensive proposition.  In many cases, our investigators need to show a pattern of activity, not just one isolated event.  For such cases, it may be wise to use our Unmanned Surveillance solutions.

Once cameras are placed, they capture footage over extended periods of time.  This solution often works well for monitoring assets and materials.  In addition, the cost is greatly decreased, as there is no need for physical surveillance.  Since we can use motion detection to trigger the camera, long battery life can be achieved.

Nolan Enterprises now offers geo-fence and geo-tracking technology.   This feature can be invaluable in theft cases for tracking unauthorized movement of assets and materials.  Maintenance and data retrieval is performed as needed by trained professionals.

  • Remotely access cameras 24/7
  • Capture HD footage
  • Decreased cost
  • Motion-detection activated
  • Geo fence and Geo tracking enabled

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Is it legal to use a tracking device on a vehicle?

Under California Code, Penal Code § 637, “No person or entity in this state shall use an electronic tracking device to determine the location or movement of a person.”  However, the next section states:

(b) This section shall not apply when the registered owner, lessor, or lessee of a vehicle has consented to the use of the electronic tracking device with respect to that vehicle.

This means that private businesses that own their own fleet vehicles may lawfully use GPS tracking devices to track their own vehicles.  It is common for businesses that have a fleet of delivery or shipping vehicles and trucks to track their vehicles to monitor employee activity and detect theft.

What is a geo fence? 

A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter or ‘fence’ that you set up around the object that you are tracking.  For example, in theft investigations, we have set a geo-fence around a manufacturing plant and placed trackers inside each truck.  When a thief loads up a truck for a midnight run, the geo-fence is breached and the tracker alerts our surveillance team.

The professionals at Nolan Enterprises can set up a geo-fence around your facility or a specific asset.  Track movement at your convenience.  We even offer push notifications to your phone with alerts.


April 28, 2015 – Senate Committee on Public Safety: Regarding Privacy and Electronic Tracking Devices