Nolan Enterprises recognizes the need for church security is real.  Numerous active shooter incidents have occurred at Places of Worship, leading to unprecedented security concerns.  We offer Church security training to aid your organization in improving Church safety and protecting your congregation.  Taught by active and former Law Enforcement, our trainers have dealt with real active shooter situations and violence.  Learn the core principles of security, develop an emergency action plan, and identify vulnerabilities.

Church security requires a unique challenge.  Places of Worship are meant to be open and welcoming to all.  Yet the Church must be practical and consider the safety of guests, which often includes children and the elderly.   Nolan Enterprises recognizes the need for a softened approach to security in a Church environment.

Our Church Safety training was created to give Church Leaders and Volunteers critical safety information.  Our experts start by conducting a threat assessment and inspect your facility for vulnerabilities.  If necessary, security camera systems can be installed for an added layer of protection.  We cover practical & tactical solutions for use during an active shooter event.  Our team leads a live active shooter simulation and demonstrates strategies for survival.  In a post-simulation assessment, we review pointers and areas for improvement.

Nolan Enterprises has created a comprehensive training solution for Senior Pastors, Church Leaders, Security team members, and Church Volunteers.

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What is an Active Shooter?

An Active Shooter is an individual engaged in killing, or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.  In the majority of cases, the active shooter uses firearms.  Often there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims.

Because active shooters situations evolve very quickly, they are unpredictable.  Active shooter situations are often over in ten to fifteen minutes, often before law enforcement arrives on scene and can respond, it is critical to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.  This includes mental and physical preparation to deal with an active shooter situation.