Nolan Enterprises offers live training at your office, facility, school, or Church.  We believe that only live training can truly provide a simulation of an active shooter event.  Our goal is to provide life-saving information in the event of an emergency, and in order to accomplish this, we need one-on-one time with your staff, students, and volunteers.  When an emergency happens, our training can provide skills that save lives.

Attendees can ask questions and gain insight from active and former Law Enforcement.  Each trainer has field experience dealing with active shooter events and can provide strategies and tactics.  Our material and instructors provide crucial safety information and prepare attendees for the worst-case scenario.

Each training session begins with a security assessment of your facility, whether it is an office, a warehouse, an academic institution, or a Place of Worship.  Our experts conduct a walkthrough identifying vulnerabilities and security concerns.  Next, we have a lecture led by a Law Enforcement professional, during which questions can be asked.  We cover statistics, tactics, and best practices.

Once all attendees are prepared, we run through an active shooter simulation.  Attendees must decide whether to run, hide, or fight.

Once the simulation is over, we have a discussion on areas of improvement, make corrections, and review what was learned.

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What is workplace safety training?

Workplace safety training involves providing employees and volunteers with knowledge and skills to survive an emergency situation, such as an active shooter event.  Effective workplace training offers live instruction, best practices, and simulations to increase awareness and develop tactical skills to survive in an emergency.

Is Active Shooter training useful?

Some active shooter training capitalizes on fear.  Active shooter events have increased in the U.S. for the last decade and occur so often that insurance carriers now offer “Active Shooter Insurance.”  The owners of Nolan Enterprises are retired Peace Officers and Veterans.  They believe in preventative safety training.  The skills we teach were learned from years in the field dealing with real active shooter events.  The goal of our training is not fear-mongering.  The goal is to empower citizens and employees against bullies and cowards who seek to harm the innocent.


U.S. Department of Homeland Security – Active Shooter Best Practices