When it comes to protecting lives and assets, Nolan Enterprises offers unmatched personal protection services.   With offices across southern California, team members can be deployed at a moment’s notice, 24 hours a day.

We understand that different clients have different needs and offer a variety of executive protection solutions.  Plainclothes or uniformed, armed or unarmed, marked or unmarked vehicles – tell us what you need and our team will do the rest.

Nolan Enterprises offers a range of Executive Protection services to meet your needs:

Working closely with clients, we develop a security plan to ensure genuine protection.  Each team member has exhaustive training in counter-terrorism, high-risk driving, logistical planning, crisis management, and emergency coordination.   Working in cooperation with local law enforcement, team members provide our client’s point-of-contact person with constant updates.

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What is Executive Protection? 

Executive Protection is a suite of security and protection measures taken to ensure the safety of executives, VIP’s, dignitaries, celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile individuals.

What should the company do when an employee makes a threat?

When an employee makes a threat, the first step is threat assessment.   Risk analysis includes a background check, surveillance, and a review of their personnel file and all lawfully available public record information.   If a legitimate potential threat exists, we next assess the existing security level of the executive under our protection.   This includes a site survey of their existing security system, identifying security vulnerabilities, and increasing security if deemed necessary.

What’s the difference between Plainclothes and Uniformed Executive Protection?

Often, this can come down to client preference, but there are legitimate needs for both, depending on the context of the assignment.

For example, in cases where a high-ranking executive has been threatened by a disgruntled employee, there is a legitimate need for around-the-clock protection.  But the appearance of uniformed, armed professionals may frighten neighbors and cause undue alarm.  In cases such as this, plainclothes is a great option – the Executive Protection team still provides the same level of protection, but their softened appearance better fits the venue.   Civilian clothing can also be used to mask the presence of Executive Protection in a large, crowded venue for and a lower profile.

Alternatively, there are cases where you may want to send a message that Executive Protection is present.  Armed and uniformed Executive Protection agents certainly send that message.   This is often true for hostile terminations and threats of workplace violence.  For the safety of all employees, management may utilize uniformed Executive Protection.

How is Executive Protection different than using a security guard?

Security guards are a valuable layer of security, but Executive Protection is for when you need peace of mind.  When there is a high threat potential, or athletes/celebrities/VIPs will be in a large open venue, use trained professionals.   Since true Executive Protection includes previous experience with protecting high-value targets, we select seasoned active and former law enforcement for our Executive Protection team.