Our surveillance team has a reputation for success.   Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our team documents, reports, and intervenes when your assets are at risk.  Working in the private sector has a host of unique challenges for both corporate clients and our investigators.  Working within the confines of the law, we provide clients with focused and cost-effective solutions that gather the intelligence you need so that you can protect your assets and defend against fraud, theft, and other crimes against the business.

The surveillance team at Nolan Enterprises is led by experienced private-sector corporate investigators and supported by surveillance specialists from Southern California’s law enforcement community and Military veterans.   Our team is uniquely suited to harness cutting edge technology and decades of practical field experience.

Nolan Enterprises has a wide range of surveillance options to meet your needs:

Our legally compliant covert cameras capture impactful evidence that can be used to prevent theft, avoid liability, or disprove fraudulent workers compensation claims.

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How does surveillance help private companies?

Surveillance is the active and persistent monitoring of one or more individuals’ to track their behavior, activities, and current location.  It can be done at a distance, or up close and personal.   Surveillance helps private employers disprove fraudulent workers compensation claims, identify the theft of company assets, and unwanted and illegal behavior by company employees.   Nolan Enterprises’ surveillance team Identifies fraud, monitors and tracks assets, and provides stakeholders with timely updates on potential threats.

Is surveillance legal?

When done properly, surveillance is a legal and useful method of gathering intelligence and protecting people.

How does surveillance stop fraud?

It is common for employees to file fraudulent workers compensation claims against their employers.   Often, a worker will claim a severe injury, but are caught on tape using their full range of motion, or in some cases, playing full-intensity sports, or power lifting at the gym.  This type of fraud costs employers and insurance carries millions of dollars, and is based on fraud.  A skilled surveillance investigator can lawfully capture video footage that can be used to protect the employer from this type of fraud.

How does surveillance prevent theft?

In cases of workplace theft, employees looking to steal quickly learn the locations of cameras and blind spots.   Often theft is a crime of opportunity.  For example, employees working in a large but remote manufacturing plant realize the security is lax and there are many unguarded exits.   Soon after, merchandise starts disappearing and inventory shrinkage becomes an issue.  Using sophisticated camera equipment and years of experience, our surveillance investigators get footage too good to be true: up close footage documenting theft.   Depending on your goals – criminal prosecution or civil remedies – we can use the footage to start buiilding a case or call local law enforcement to act immediately.

How can I find out where someone works?

They don’t call us gumshoes for nothing.  Even in the digital age, some intelligence still has to be gathered the old-fashioned way: through surveillance.   The truth is, there are databases that contain everyone’s employment records – but these are not lawfully accessible in the private sector.  Smart criminals use burner phones, phony addresses, and pay with cash.  Surveillance is still the most effective method for identifying employment and income sources.